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No matter what your job is, your title, your rank or salary - you have sponsors in your career. These are the people who are supporting you, assigning you, trusting you and looking to you to prove them right. Your success is their success, and you want them in your corner, rooting for you and making the magic happen behind the scenes so that you can shine and do what you do best.

This is the real-life, tried and proven, no b.s., non-slimy system to build and nurture those sponsor relationships. This is your how-to guide to influence with character, to lead with impact and to realize your career goals.

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No matter what next step you want to take or what big result you're after, by applying this advice to how you show up in your everyday interactions with your sponsors, you will have an engaged and enthusiastic stakeholder network to help make it happen!

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Even if you choose not to buy "The 5 Minute Journal" book, you'll be able to participate in the daily challenges. You can use a note pad, a Google doc, whatever you have handy. Be sure to join The Collective of Real Executive Women's Facebook Group here and join the conversation.