Hello, Mom 2.0!

What you are doing in our community for women is beautiful and inspiring! It is an honor to be considered for your speaker needs and to serve in any way that supports your mission. 

For your consideration, here is an overview for one of your audience’s key areas of interest: balance & self-care! This is followed by previews of the workshop which can be customized specifically for your Mom 2.0 attendees, and last but not least, a PDF of the form I submitted along with my bio and resume. 

I welcome the opportunity to talk more and help any way you need. You can reach me directly at 251.591.0988 and at tarah@tarahkeech.com. 



Working title: Why “Self-Care” is over and how to do real, Whole-Self-Care without the guilt

(Alternate title: Why Self-Care is Bull Sh!t - Whole-Self-Care without the Guilt!)



I know I'm a ham! I get it from my babies :) 

In all seriousness, your mission is my heartbeat: Encouraging, enabling and uplifting women so they can fully realize and wholly embody their potential and their joy. 

Please let me know how I can support you. 

With love, joy, gratitude, and so much admiration! Tarah Keech