Hello, Brand Society!

The impact you’re making in the lives of the businesses you serve is striking. Telling their stories, creating real relationships between them and the clients they serve and helping them deliver on their brand promises, ultimately fosters a connected, healthy and trusting community.

Preventing, healing and recovering from your teams’ burnout is the single most impactful way to ensure Brand Society is able to continue serving your community in the fullness of your vision and capability.

In this proposal (linked below along with a quick video walk through of key points), there are few options to equip your teams with targeted, personalized Burnout Survival skills.

They’re broken down into options which will be customized to your needs and can be layered and phased as you’re ready.

I welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your team and your community.


Tarah Keech, MA
Email: tarah@tarahkeech.com
Phone: 251.591.0988



  • “I’m not going crazy, just experiencing burnout.”

  • “You helped me stop believing my own bull####.”

  • “It’s simple and makes sense.”

  • “This is not cookie-cutter self-help material.”

  • “This is a much-needed guide back. These are fundamentals and truths that I know, yet they’re hard to remember or see through the muck when sitting in the midst of burnout.”