XYZ File

Mine is labeled, “XYZ” and categorized with the color purple

I had the joy and privilege of volunteering to help high schoolers practice mock interviews.

First, I’m profoundly encouraged about the state of our youth and the future of the universe. These kids are awesome.

Second, the basic interview skills they needed were all simple, solvable things:

  • Practice more.

  • Follow up your “biggest weakness” statement immediately with what you’re doing to address it.

  • Make all your answers all about the person who you’re talking with.

  • Use stories.

And then there was this girl.

She was warm but reserved. Great eye contact. Adorably relatable in her mild self-consciousness. She loves sports. She’s proud that she’s gotten as far as she has academically since she doesn’t really like school but she has grit. You can see it. You can feel it.

I felt this strange nurture / cheerleading instinct. I wanted her to know that she was capable of achieving her next steps. I wanted her to see what I’m certain her teachers, coaches and family must see in her.

BUT it’s just not enough for me as a stranger to look her in the eye and say, “You’re doing great. You’re able to do amazing things - Set your sights high because I believe in you.”

So, instead, I shared this weird thing that I do… (and you’re gonna want to do it too)

I told her: Create a note in your phone, a folder in your email or put a literal notebook in the back of your bag and write down every single time you get a compliment on what you do or recognized for the way you do something; every time you’re thanked for your help or feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

  • What did you do?

  • Why?

  • What did they say?

  • What difference did it make?

See, for her, these will give her specific illustrations of her awesomeness she can use in interviews. AND - it’ll boost her confidence as she’s getting ready for any next big thing.

Start yours today. Right now. I’ll wait.

For you, you amazing woman, your XYZ file is proof that you are capable. Of big, scary things. Of new things. Of failing and surviving, learning and trying again.

Whole Self-Care includes recognizing and celebrating wins and what you learn. This is one super easy, super fast, super free way to do that - start today.

Read it before your interview. Read it on blue days. Read it when you’re writing your annual review. Read it on Wednesdays every single week just for the sake of reading it. Because you’re amazing.

Celebrating you,
Tarah Keech |

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