Thank you!

Greetings, CREW!

Exciting things are coming in the near future and the New Year but in this moment, I feel still and grateful.

I feel my feet on the floor, the cool from sitting near the window. I hear the dishes running and smell fresh coffee.

I love these moments with you. I love our community, our conversations, our sharing and this togetherness we’ve forged.

You are amazing! Thank you for showing up and sharing who you are and what you think.

You matter! What you feel matters. What you want matters.

You are important and you are worthy. There is nothing that you can do or not do that in ANY way changes the fact that you are wholly worthy.

With so much love, joy and gratitude!
See you in the group! And back here, in your inbox on the other side of the New Year!


Tarah Keech |
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