Whole Self-Care

What you find FUN matters

This week is the FIRST week of my full beta course… Burnout Survival: Whole Self-Care for Professional Women. (If you’re not in this round, fear not, we’re launching in a few weeks - reply and let me know if you want in or put your email in here.)

We are just digging into what burnout looks and feels and sounds like.
Next, we’re going to talk about the shocking root cause.
Then, what does healing look like? In real life. (Way, WAY beyond and better than spa days.)

I’ll give you a small piece of the Whole Self-Care model right now…

Pay attention to the things you like.

Not “pay attention” in the sense of active listening, eye contact and head nodding.

But PAY attention. Pay with attention.

Honor those things with your time, your focus and your energy.

Invest in what you like. Learn more about it. Spend time thinking about it. Play with it. Talk about it.

I was remembering the other day, being a kiddo, playing with my dolls on the floor and tracing their bodies onto fabric - making patterns. As a six year old, playing with neighbor friends, I loved the way Barbie’s clothes could give her basically an entirely different lease on life. I spent all my play time just changing doll clothes.

Because I like clothes. 
I always have. I like looking through a store even when I don’t want to buy anything because it feels like creative inspiration. Any other spatial reasoning and visual learners out there?


Life happens. 
Bodies change. Tastes evolve. Priorities shift. And less and less attention was paid to that creative part of “me” that likes clothes. Then, one day, clothes don’t make sense the way they used to.

Life changes:

  • Non-profit to corporate

  • Corporate to work-at-home

  • Single to married

  • No kids to kids (and breastfeeding) (and machine washable is a necessity) (and why are kids always kind of grimey?)

  • And I’m not in my 20’s anymore

  • And I need to talk in front of an audience?! Of executives?! Who control my career?!

And then I met Bridgette Raes. I remember finding her through another blog post that was talking about closet curation - “shop your closet.”

All of the simplicity and practicality PLUS psychology of style - Bridgette’s got it.

Her color theory (base + accent + pop) made my brain & heart light up! It’s still bookmarked on my laptop and phone. (If you like that, check out her packingand capsule posts!)

I devoured all of her posts and had to meet with her. She is a wardrobe whisperer for REAL women, in REAL life, in REAL bodies. And she pulls no punches.

Now! I’m so excited!

Bridgette's offering all of her brilliance via super-affordable monthly membership in her uber-positive and vibrant Facebook group!

Listen, if you’ve ever felt stuck with what to wear in the mornings - join the club. No really - join the group (it’s FREE the first month) - Stuck planning what to wear? Post your choices and she’ll help you out.


$5/mo. FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH to do away with your “What am I supposed to wear?!” panic? 

I mean, COME ON.

Sign up HERE

This is not sponsored. I’m a paying member. I LOVE Bridgette and her group.

I know because I’m friends with you that you deal with THE EXACT same questions that Bridgette answers every.day. Imagine getting custom, tailored answers for your exact life / body / budget situation... 

  • "What the heck can I wear to look more....??"

  • Or "Less..."

  • "On a budget..."

  • "While traveling...?"

  • "While mom-ing....?"

  • "Why do I only have black everything?!"

  • "How can I freshen up my look without throwing everything out?"

Having a trusted, expert buddy in your corner is SUCH a relief.

And it’s fun!

 Nourish the fun!

With that, I adore you!
Go forth with all my love and gratitude!
Tarah Keech | hello@therealcrew.com

P.S. I am still star-struck-stoked that Bridgette did two mastermind conversations with us :: HERE and HERE

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Let's call him "Dan"

“All my burned out ladies, put your hands up, up!”

I had a weird, left-field “wake up” moment today. Karmic recycling. You see, a ways back, I was burnt out.

“How do I know if I’m burnt out?” you ask?

See if any of these resonate for you…

  • The Sunday blues.

  • Nausea when you get certain emails, from certain people.

  • You feel either constant irritability/ fury/ fear, or…

  • You’re completely blasé - just not giving a damn the point of just not doing anything.

  • Resentment. You’re under-appreciated, undervalued, unseen and unheard.

  • Squirrel syndrome but only about work stuff. All. Day. Long.

  • You feel So. Darn. Tired. Yawwwwwn.

  • Just to name a few.


Things were getting worse…

As they tend to do when you’re burnt out.

(Ahem, especially when you know it’s time for a change and yet you’re not making it.)

These “pain” points are road signs

I imagine that I’m on a gigantic road trip of life and these “pain” points were road signs or GPS instructions that tell me an exit’s coming up that I need to take. The signs get bigger, bolder, brighter and less avoidable in order to get our attention - especially if we’ve made a wrong turn or stayed on the old road too long.

There I was, on the “road” and I kept getting these signs. More responsibility but less of a thrill. Everything started to feel like an obligation and I felt like a different person - someone I didn’t recognize and definitely didn’t like.

Rage AND indifference

Those same burnout symptoms we talked about above: Oscillations between irritability, rage and indifference. Resentment - big time - “I’m spending my life doing what?! For who?!” Procrastinating on important work. And frankly, a little salty.

I worked for “Dan” - let’s use that name to protect the innocent. “Dan” was an easy target to blame - as bosses usually are. All that work you resent? It comes from your boss. All those political dynamics that make you sick? Your boss drives those.


Dan, for better and worse, was a messenger in my life. He literally told me, “I’m never going to promote you. You’re too good at what you do.”


It’s not your job’s job to give you purpose. It’s not your boss’s job to make you happy. You are the ONLY one who can heal your burnout. Surviving burnout and thriving afterwards is on you.

Dan wasn’t my GPS. He wasn’t driving the car or making the decisions - I was the one who had been acting, reacting and taking in-action.

So I made a change

It wasn’t overnight but it was rapid. I dove into self-coaching, visualization and failing forward on a strategic plan with mentors and training. I made decisions and pattern-busting changes that brought me back to my-self in new and better ways. Healthier. Whole. And joyful. My relationships got better. My career skyrocketed. I felt time, financial and emotional freedom. I was able to give, liberally in ways that lit me up.

My life was Whole Self-Care’s beta launch and it ROCKED.

I was hooked. I knew I was onto something BIG.

Now, today, I’m not “burnt” out but there are constantly new little fires kindled that could take me there again.

So today, when I called my client “Dan” (his name is NOT Dan), I felt a check in my spirit.

  • Am I letting the old patterns I lived in my “Dan” chapter be my default?

  • Am I neglecting road signs?

  • Am I relying on someone else to give me purpose or joy?

There are many exciting things percolating in my current “road trip” planning but in the meantime…

Here are two super small, super doable right-this-very-minute steps of my personal Burnout Survival Protocol - the Whole Self-Care program - that I’m doing TODAY to make sure “Dan” is not driving my thoughts and decisions.

I included my actual examples but encourage you to answer these for yourself too.

What 3 things can I do (realistically) today that help me LIVE my dream and my purpose?

  1. Email my new friend and share what I can do for her organization

  2. Get coached on mindset around business growth and development

  3. Write this here bloggy post

What 3 things can I do today to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally?

  1. Drink enough water that I have to get up and pee at least 4 times while I’m at work

  2. Stop eating at 7 PM (including snacks and wine)

  3. Tell Brian I love him in 3 different ways - face to face, email and text (awwww, I know)

With so much love, joy and gratitude,
Tarah Keech | hello@therealcrew.com

P.S. What are your 3 things?

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Really quick, 1 question and a contest

The feeling of burnout is real. It happens, happened or is happening to all of us.

What does burnout feel like?

CLOSED :: Click HERE and share your best 1-sentence description of how burnout feels.

You’ve got nothing to lose! All responses will get a special thank you and one response will get a very nifty little gifty.

With so much love, joy and gratitude,
Tarah Keech | hello@therealcrew.com

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XYZ File

Mine is labeled, “XYZ” and categorized with the color purple

I had the joy and privilege of volunteering to help high schoolers practice mock interviews.

First, I’m profoundly encouraged about the state of our youth and the future of the universe. These kids are awesome.

Second, the basic interview skills they needed were all simple, solvable things:

  • Practice more.

  • Follow up your “biggest weakness” statement immediately with what you’re doing to address it.

  • Make all your answers all about the person who you’re talking with.

  • Use stories.

And then there was this girl.

She was warm but reserved. Great eye contact. Adorably relatable in her mild self-consciousness. She loves sports. She’s proud that she’s gotten as far as she has academically since she doesn’t really like school but she has grit. You can see it. You can feel it.

I felt this strange nurture / cheerleading instinct. I wanted her to know that she was capable of achieving her next steps. I wanted her to see what I’m certain her teachers, coaches and family must see in her.

BUT it’s just not enough for me as a stranger to look her in the eye and say, “You’re doing great. You’re able to do amazing things - Set your sights high because I believe in you.”

So, instead, I shared this weird thing that I do… (and you’re gonna want to do it too)

I told her: Create a note in your phone, a folder in your email or put a literal notebook in the back of your bag and write down every single time you get a compliment on what you do or recognized for the way you do something; every time you’re thanked for your help or feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

  • What did you do?

  • Why?

  • What did they say?

  • What difference did it make?

See, for her, these will give her specific illustrations of her awesomeness she can use in interviews. AND - it’ll boost her confidence as she’s getting ready for any next big thing.

Start yours today. Right now. I’ll wait.

For you, you amazing woman, your XYZ file is proof that you are capable. Of big, scary things. Of new things. Of failing and surviving, learning and trying again.

Whole Self-Care includes recognizing and celebrating wins and what you learn. This is one super easy, super fast, super free way to do that - start today.

Read it before your interview. Read it on blue days. Read it when you’re writing your annual review. Read it on Wednesdays every single week just for the sake of reading it. Because you’re amazing.

Celebrating you,
Tarah Keech | hello@therealcrew.com

PS - What is your most recent win or lesson learned? Hit the comments right here and let me know.

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