Your Big Dreams

What’s your big dream?

You know, the thing you keep thinking of.

  • You find yourself thinking of it in the middle of the night…

  • Your thoughts wander there while you’re driving your most familiar routes...

  • Have you ever even said it out loud?

Big dreams are important.

It’s one of the gifts of being human.

These big, beautiful brains of ours come with the ability to imagine all sorts of things - creations, experiences, the future - and imagination is the catalyst for progress.

Imagination is what we’re wired to do and I believe, part of our purpose.

We’re not supposed to do all the dreams.

Most of the time, allowing yourself to imagine is the exercise that’s most impactful. Flexing those creative muscles and stretching the boundaries of what you’re willing to consider, allowing yourself to dream - is usually way harder than the actual action it would take to make the dream real.

I wanna know what your imagination’s cooking up these days.

Post in the comments and tell me: What’s your big dream?

With love, joy & gratitude,
Tarah Keech |
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