Hope is not naïve

Did you know that you’re in charge of how you feel?

And -

However you feel - whatever that emotion is - is valid.

But -

It’s a choice.

Human physiological response to an emotional stimulus remains in your body for 90-seconds. Fear, anger, grief, joy, surprise. These chemical responses surge and course through your body immediately kind of like road flares to signal your brain and body what you need to do immediately in order to stay alive and protect yourself.

If you are feeling an emotion for longer than 90-seconds, it is because you are choosing to. You re-trigger that physiological reaction by tell yourself stories. By “stories” I mean any internal monologue or conjured thought: memories, imaginations, speculations, gossip, self-talk (negative or positive).

Now -

If you CHOOSE to tell yourself stories that are negative, undercutting, focused on the worst-possible outcomes, or reliving misses - you will FEEL those feelings of anger, embarrassment, discouragement, resentment, defensiveness, hostility.

If you CHOOSE to consider what you hope for, what you appreciate, who you love, what you enjoy, what you look forward to, how you can give and share to encourage someone else - you will FEEL joy, peace, excitement, restored.

This is why gratitude is powerful. This is why intention setting and visualization are tools to practice.  

Hope is not naïve, it is an exercise of will. The will to choose… Joy. Optimism. Best. Worthiness. Amazement. Peace. Happiness. Contentment.  

Believe what you will about afterwards but this existence is finite. But here, in this space, between now and then - you have the power and the ability to choose your experience.

In the giant curiosity-shop of all possible feelings - what will you choose as your experience today? 

With love, joy & gratitude,

Tarah Keech | hello@therealcrew.com
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