About Tarah Keech, Host and Founder of The Real CREW

This is homework. And me, practicing what I teach.

So, let me ask you this - How do you prep for an interview? Your rituals? Advice? Tell me in the comments below.

For me, I’ve gotten coaching, asked mentors, begged for feedback and studied all the articles and blogs.

Let me save you that hassle and expense. The experts, the impressive people and the best in the industry all say the same thing:

The key for killing it in an interview is knowing how to spin information about yourself while making it ALL about the person and company who are interviewing you.

Here we are. Up until now, The Real CREW hasn’t had an about page.

The assignment is to tell the origin story, the meet-cute for what’s brought us together here and now. I’m going to figure out how to write the about page and try to apply this nugget of wisdom.


You know when you think you want one thing and then… you realize you don’t? You can call it growing or maturing or simply learning. It is all of those things (and I hereby give you permission to change your mind too).

Who am I?

I am in love with my husband. I am in love with my daughters. I am in love with my life. I am the host and founder of The Collective of Real Executive Women and I am so stinking proud!


My Dad is now retired Air Force and as a kid, we moved around state-side. The summer before I started high school, we moved to our “home base” of Grand Bay, Alabama. This is where my mom grew up, where my parents met and the setting for my childhood summers. We came back to take care of my mom’s mom and then my other grandma moved in too. I had the best days and made the sweetest memories getting to know them and be with them during the last years of their lives. It was hard, and fun, and hysterical and tragic.

Spurred on by the heartache of grief and the determination to live while the living is good, I set sights on serving Alzheimer’s caregivers. My freshly married husband and self quit our jobs, picked up our puppy and moved to Denver for my master’s program.

About 2 weeks into the program, it hit me that I did not, in fact, want to be a therapist. Hm.


I stuck with it. Largely because of my new amazing cohort of friends and the truly, profoundly inspiring researchers I connected with. They needed project management help - I plugged in. This work was life-affirming, heart-lighting soul-fuel. End-of-life decision making. Hospice and palliative care caregiver support. Data-based tools, treatments and support that I am honored to have worked on.

Then, I hit this point where I was in love with the work but not in love with the real-life salary constraints that they failed to match up to my #housegoals and new, shiny student loans.

Pivot Point

So where do you want to be? I’m asking you.

This is an exercise we go through in my mentoring workshops: Imagine all the possible Big Dreams - all the options that might be fun. No wrong answers. You’re not going to be graded on it. No one is going to read it or judge you for it. Now, pick the ideas that are interesting and reverse engineer how that career path looks. In one of my options, I kept seeing PMP and project management. I took the classes, passed the test, put the initials on my Linked In profile and went to Vegas for the weekend. The next Monday, I had four recruiter calls and ultimately became a project manager consultant.

Looking back at that transition, I created financial freedom and the freedom to change my story.

Next came chapters of learning, stretching, growing and this weird theme of really excelling (I’m talking unsolicited promotions and raises, emails, cards and flowers as thank you’s, three-step-above-me leaders asking for my advice) just by using what I learned in my psych program within these corporate situations: Appreciative Inquiry, Clinical and Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is magic sauce.

Real definition.png

Why wasn’t everyone able to do this?

They are!

Lightbulb moment. Rather, hundreds of lightbulbs. These psychology skills and tools can be used by everyone in every single job to grow better relationships, create more engagement, get better results from happier teams and stakeholders and all around win more - with way, way less stress. Less pain. Less spin. Less drama. Less frustration. Less angst. Less worry.

Here we are

Since 2012, this idea has been marinating and iterating, growing and refining itself into what we have today:

This most amazing community:  

Join us, won’t you? therealcrewgroup.com

This WHY:

The Collective of Real Executive Women is here to support, encourage, enable and uplift each other in realizing our joy and purpose in all aspects of our lives - especially our careers. We believe in purpose and we believe in being real: real connectedness, real success, real joy. We are challenging the corporate status quo as a community of professional women encouraging, enabling and empowering each other to live the fullness of our joy and purpose in all aspects of our lives and careers.


Saying “Yes,” to more joy and being connected with intention to these lives we’re leading. That’s what we’re all about.

I foster this new opportunity for my clients in workshops and coaching on the application of the art and science of psychology in today's workplace:

  • Balance! Real balance and whole-self-care (without the guilt and burnout)

  • How to find and build authentic, lasting mentor and sponsor relationships inside and outside your company

  • Working with and for challenging personalities

  • Overcoming insecurity and imposter syndrome

  • Your interpersonal branding strategy (yes, that is a thing and it’s hugely important in your career)

If you know anyone who would benefit from this type of support, let me know and I’ll send them our “Hello” kit full of goodies and more information. Email me at hello@therealcrew.com.

If you haven’t already, we want and welcome you to join our (free) private Facebook community! This link will take you there: therealcrewgroup.com. Invite your friends - we’re all better together.

With love, joy & gratitude,

Tarah Keech
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