CREW, We’re starting a new thread. Introducing…



Because I want to know what you know.

For this inaugural conversation, please, please answer this question in our private FB group:

What topic, area or industry do you know the MOST about?

(Ahem, holistic and organic hair care! Cancer research! Navigating bankruptcy! Vacation rentals! Health and wellness! Copy editing! Crowd sourcing funding! Makeup and skin care! It doesn’t have to be your job.)

As my hubs and I teach the kids life “stuff” - oh, so much random stuff - I’m kind of falling in love with the marvelousness of how we learn.

“Sharing what we know (read: what YOU know) supports us all”

“Growing Up Wild” (on Netflix) has this scene of baby macaques diving and swimming (did you know monkeys can swim?!) to find the hidden superfood, seed heads of lily pads.

This is a remarkable example of how we benefit from growing up in a society with a cumulative knowledge base - we get to learn the best of the best from those who have gone before us and figured it out. The information gets updated and refined through the group’s experiences and shared which multiplies the benefit to society.

Hellooooo, CREW! Sharing what we know (read: what YOU know) supports us all!

Please, for God’s sake, learn what I know without having to go through the toil, tribulations and student loans it took me to learn it.


Here’s my vision: #whatweknow will become our very own CREW directory of awesomeness.

You never know what you might have a question about or when you might be able to help someone else in a moment of need. What you take for granted just might help one of our CREW score some of that sweet, sweet, lily pad superfruit in their own ponds ;)

So, tell us! What do you know?

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With love, joy & gratitude,
Tarah Keech
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