Doing. Despite. (Intuition, the illusive siren of all procrastination)

I am here today, completely sweaty. I took the initiative and got to work a little early so that I can work out before logging in, and am feeling really good. After a very long time of having not been consistent with workouts, today feels amazing to be moving my body again.

It is not easy and it's not always feasible (don't let anyone tell you differently). But today in this moment, I chose to do despite routines and habits and schedules.

Doing, despite all the things.

I like to think of myself as an intuition farmer, working to refine and strengthen my intuition because I believe that we get all sorts of signals, literal signals.


Have you read the book by Malcolm Gladwell called “Blink”? (Not sponsored.) By tuning into what we are able to perceive on an instantaneous, subconscious level is truly powerful.

But… Womp, womp.

With that comes this really convenient excuse that when I feel less engaged or excited about doing something, I just don't do it and instead, I say, “Oh, it's my intuition telling me that I shouldn't be doing that today.”

Doing, despite not feeling like it - it's not easy. It's really a challenge.

There's another book I want to recommend to you: Mel Robbins’ “The Five-Second Rule.” In a nutshell, give yourself a countdown if there's something you know you need to do and you don't feel like doing it. Give yourself a five-second countdown and step into action. It trips your brain before you're able to talk yourself out of doing the thing. Before I'm able to tell myself that my intuition is telling me that I shouldn't be working out today, I said “Yes,” gave myself a five-second countdown, “5- 4- 3- 2- 1,” and I stepped into motion! #winning

If that at all lights a bulb in your mind and piques your interest, please check out Mel Robbins - she does a great Ted talk on it, and then get the book (not sponsored): The Five-Second Rule. It's a super quick read, and I would love to hear what you think about it. Post in the comments or pop on into The Real CREW’s Facebook Group.

What’s your real goal?

Do, despite. If at any point when you’re planning or intention setting, you’ve decided that what you really want requires a set of actions:

  • You want to get healthier

  • You want to get stronger

  • You want to get more efficient

  • You have major goals, or

  • Several small goals

  • Budget and saving plans

It requires action to make that happen.

Don't let yourself buy into the excuse of not doing it, “Because [whatever],” choose to do the action despite how you're feeling in that moment. I guarantee you will feel better after you've done the action. You will be proud of yourself for making that choice and the way our brains are wired, the more you reinforce that positive behavior, the easier it gets.


I encourage you today to do what will get you closer to your goal, despite … whatever you may be feeling.

What are you going to choose to DO today? Despite what? Tell me in the comments below - Rooting for you!

With so much love, joy and gratitude,
Tarah Keech