This is dangerous for me to say...

I disagree with Harvard Business Review.

“The war for leadership talent is real, and organizations with the best leaders will win.”


The teams with the best leaders are winners. But see, organizations can’t hire their ideal leader.

You can only hire good humans & then it’s on YOU to bring them up to be the leader you need them to be.

How exactly do you make that happen?

The Best Leaders = Winning
Good Humans + Mentoring = The Best Leaders

Your company is doing what you’re doing because you care - because you provide value to your end user. You’re invested in their success so you invest in your team to make that vision real.

In that sense, of course you want to win. You want the best leaders. You want the innovators, the creators, the collaborators, the blue ocean captains of industry, the why-fortified enterprise of earth shakers and money makers, the grittiest and the greatest.

So you compete for top talent. You recruit aggressively. You woo. And once they’re in the door you measure KPI’s and ROI’s and continue to hold up performance for visibility and accountability.

Then, people fall short for the myriad of reasons you’ve come to expect and we all just accept it.

You don’t have to accept it. You don’t have to settle. You can have the best.

What I’m about to say next is dangerous for me to say.

It’s a conversation I only have in very private situations. Closed-door meetings. One or two people at a time. But I’ve had to say these exact same words, over and over and over again with nearly every corporate consulting client I’ve ever had.

“You don’t need better people. You need the people you have to do their jobs better.”

The team you have is not well enough equipped.

And that’s on you.

How do you get Good Humans to do the best job?

Pareto Principle = “80 percent of consequences come from 20 percent of the cause”

Some people are rock stars. Some people just show up and walk in the door giving a care and getting things done - they’re good and resourceful and they’ve got grit. Then there is the other 80%.

Here’s what’s missing

Where do you learn tone, politics, context, history, matrixed layers of impact? How do you learn a customer relationship? Not to mention the tech archaeological digs through years of code fix, migrations, acquisitions, etc.

Being and having the best leaders in your team only requires that you start with Good Humans, and add the right Mentoring that supports the right learning that empowers the best performance.

The Best Mentoring

  • I am NOT talking about traditional corporate mentorship matching.

  • I am NOT talking about cold-calling or fan-girling.

  • I am NOT talking about any rando’s arbitrary advice.

The Best Mentoring includes:


Human brains are hardwired to learn from observation. Create a culture where modeling is woven into the day-to-day.


No ulterior motives. Transparency and inclusion is the ultimate launchpad for dynamic creativity.


Cooperative and safe. Without the vulnerability of hierarchical disadvantages.


Inspiration in action propels progress. Inspiration in consistent action perpetuates success.

If you, your team or a team you know is looking to develop, launch or revamp their mentor program, helping you be and have the BEST leaders through the right mentorship is exactly what I do. Email and we’ll chat:

With love, joy & gratitude,
Tarah Keech