My brain is basically a 1 year old

Let’s do a little compare-contrast.

Conversation with my 1 year old:

Me: “It’s nap time.”

Her: [Insert the “No” of your choice…]

  • “No.”

  • “I did.” (Lie)

  • “I’m not going to.” (Defiance)

  • “Read book.” (Distraction)

  • “Daniel Tiger.” (Distraction)

  • Or, just ignore it. (Denial)

Compared to conversation within my own brain:

My Prefrontal Cortex (higher brain, executive planning center): “It’s [hard work/ workout/ dishes] time.”

Me: [Insert one of my preferred “No’s”…]

  • “No.”

  • “I don’t need to.” (Lie)

  • “I’m not going to.” (Defiance)

  • “Read book.” (Distraction)

  • “Instagram.” (Distraction)

  • Or, just ignore it. (Denial)

You see the trend, right?

So what’s a well-intentioned woman to do?!

Counter with the affirmative…

My Prefrontal Cortex, to myself: “It’s [hard work] time.”

Me, in response: “No.”

Countering with the affirmative: “It is [hard work] time. I am getting up and doing [the hard thing] now.”

How this works

This does not magically disappear the resistance entirely but it does diffuse the clash of conflict.

It eases the transition into forward action, respectfully. No trickery, bribery, bartering, hostility or deception. It’s transparent and inclusive.

  • You reinforce the next step as inevitable.

  • Do not engage in argument - it is a statement of fact.

  • BONUS: Also works with 1 year olds. ;)

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