Creating Community in the Emotional Desert of Corporate America

Alternative title: Mentorships v. Masterminds - You can have your cake and eat it too.

We’re going to start with a PSA…

In case you are not already part of our private community, please come on over and join us. I invite you cordially, formally and with engraved invitations to join this amazing group of women where we talk about all the things related to being a professional in today's society and culture.

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We also love to talk about applying the art and science of psychology to help improve ourselves, our lives and our careers - everything to being seen, being heard, being appreciated, being recognized and for God's sake - getting paid.


For years now, I've been a corporate consultant and I really do love that job. I love the strategy involved. I love helping our clients achieve exactly what they want. I love bringing clarity and structure around chaos. I love building bridges and relationships across teams and individuals who, frankly, don't always see eye-to-eye.

Split personality

I also love entrepreneurship and thinking about business strategically. My husband and I have a couple of businesses. Thinking about the marketing, the online moving pieces, and learning the tools. But, I feel like my brain has two levels that it's always operating on: corporate brain and entrepreneur brain (not to mention the family and personal stuff).

For the corporate side, I have been truly blessed to have amazing mentors. But I sought them out, cold-called, fan-girled them on social media, took their classes and inserted myself into their circles.

Mentorship, for me, has been something I've always had to go after, I've had to make a conscious effort to establish it and maintain those relationships. I've been very fortunate in that these people have usually been very receptive and continue to guide me mentally, strategically and even emotionally as I progressed through different points of my corporate career.

Let’s compare that to what’s available to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurially, there are amazing communities online of other entrepreneurs who are helping, coaching, supporting, masterminding, master-classing, always generating content and creating groups where these types of conversations can happen.

What I aim to do with The Real CREW is something that I lack of. This community is a mastermind, sharing, community culture in the corporate world.

Can you imagine?

How great would it be if you were sitting in your day job or trying to think about your career strategically and not have to go after a mentor? Not have to consciously seek them out? Not feel like you're being a cyber-stalker like I felt? Not have to pay someone, or feel like you're inserting yourselves and someone's already extremely constrained schedule?

Can I get an amen?

THIS what The Real CREW is here for.

We are a cooperative, reciprocal mentorship network where we do all of those fun things and more.

Let us hear about your challenges and talk about them together. Other people in The CREW have been where you are…

  • trying to get to a new position

  • trying to negotiate a salary

  • dealing with a really nerve-wracking presentation

  • a really creepy co-worker

  • having to step out of your comfort zone and do a stretch role

The CREW is a group of professional women who have been there and done that or want to get where you are and can learn from you.

So join us. The Collective of Real Executive Women

We are a cooperative, reciprocal mentorship community. We are that beautiful hybrid between the corporate, formerly structured and sort of rigid mentorship dynamic and this beautiful online community of people who are truly thoughtful and positively intentioned professionals, who want to help you succeed and want to learn from you so that they can succeed.

You hear the JFK quote “A rising tide lifts all boats,” all the time in the entrepreneurial world — I invite you to join us as we bring this into our corporate cultures. This has the potential to change the world for the better.

I want to hear from you if you have questions that you would like us to talk about here and in the group. Please post them in the comments below.

I am excited and honored with the hope of getting to see and talk with you soon, thank you.

With love, joy & gratitude,
Tarah Keech |
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