September 2018 Highlight Digest

Self Care. What is it? How do I fit it in? How do I do it and not feel guilty?  Wow.

For something that we all sort of instinctively understand is a basic human need, we’re carrying around a TON of resistance and doubt and emotion about it.

Well, we’re diving into what REAL self-care is all about and how to do it without the guilt. We’re starting this journey on October 12 and you can join us by signing up here >> << We would love to have you with us!

Over in The Real CREW's private Facebook group, we have a great time and amazing conversations (you can join us HERE).

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These are a few of the most popular discussions from the past month that you might enjoy.

With so much love, joy and gratitude :: You are valued, important and appreciated! 

Tarah Keech