We call ourselves the crew

The Collective of Real Executive Women

An elevating mastermind of executive women who are part of a solution-focused online community which provides a safe, encouraging forum for real women to be professionally recharged, inspired & uplifted.


The Real Crew is a group where you can share your pains and glories, your needs, your experiences, your wants and visions.

Share ideas, get feedback, mentor, be mentored, share and receive resources to help you do your job, advance, win, live and love your job and your life. Be heard. Be answered. Find your people. Be your whole self, your best self.

These are your people. We are your crew.


In recent studies, the most prestigious executive women credit their success to professional mentorship, professional development, career planning, motivation, work-life stability, success strategies, networking, and leadership and management ability. 

Success doesn't just happen. 

We know from research and the lack of women in top roles (and from personal experience) that women in management positions are confronted with barriers to achievement in the workplace including a scarcity of educational and supportive programs. 

It’s hard to find real connections as working women. Even your closest friends and dearest family don't always "get" what it's like as a woman in leadership. You may have work friends but work friendships where you can without hesitation share your real thoughts and expect a truly accepting, open and supportive response are rare. 

You do good work. You consistently kick ass in your career and you’ve invested (your self, your life, your days, your energy, your creativity) in getting where you are. You build projects, products, programs that get the job done. But at the end of the day - who do you have in your REAL life who REALLY gets it? Who knows what it’s like in the corporate world? In your day job? (You know, that place you spend the majority of your waking hours).  

Enter, your CREW. This is where you belong. 

We are your: 

  • MASTERMIND: Learn, do, be inspired and informed. Our mastermind shares the best of the best in evidence-based practice to inspire and support you in your real world corporate day-to-day PLUS self-care challenges to ensure your whole self is engaged and enabled to be your best self. 
  • BOARD OF SUPPORT: We are here together, for each other and available whenever you need us. Our membership is curated to ensure you are getting legitimately valuable perspectives from legitimately awesome professional women. Gain confidence and encouragement by using this powerhouse community to get pitch feedback, presentation practice sessions, negotiation and “difficult conversation” role play, risk and issue sharing, and solution brainstorming. 
  • RESOURCE LIBRARY: Need a killer deck? A CEO summary? Conversation guide for speaking to the public? On-boarding? Stakeholder engagement? The library's constantly growing and yours to swipe, modify, plug and play. You can also learn a la carte, at your own pace with recordings and notes from previous mastermind sessions.
  • MENTORS & MENTEES: Share your dreams and objectives, set your intentions, be accountable for progress updates, workshop your ideas, post calls for opportunities and needs. Get personalized career strategy with industry and role specific guidance. This is authentic, no-pressure, sincere-relationship building (NOT "networking"). 
    Matched 1:1 mentor program coming soon!