We are Your CREW

The Collective of Real Executive Women is a community of professional women who support, encourage, enable and uplift each other in realizing our joy and purpose in all aspects of our lives - especially our careers.

If you haven’t already, consider this your formal invitation to join our private community here: therealcrewgroup.com.

We believe in purpose and we believe in being real: real connectedness, real success, real joy. We are challenging the corporate status quo by leading a community of professional women encouraging, enabling and empowering each other to live the fullness of our joy and purpose in all aspects of our lives and careers.


My name is Tarah Keech, host and Founder of the Collective of Real Executive Women.

Saying, “Yes!” to more joy and choosing to be connected with intention to these lives we’re leading. That is what The Real CREW is all about.

My master's degree is in clinical psychology and I'm a corporate consultant with the Fortune 100's since 2011. I foster this vision and new opportunity for my clients in workshops and coaching on the application of the art and science of psychology in today's workplace:

  • Balance! Real balance and whole-self-care (without the guilt and burnout)

  • How to find and build authentic, lasting mentor and sponsor relationships inside and outside your company

  • Working with and for challenging personalities

  • Overcoming insecurity and imposter syndrome

  • Your interpersonal branding strategy (yes, that is a thing and it’s hugely important in your career)

If you know anyone who would benefit from this type of support, let me know and I’ll send them our “Hello” kit full of goodies and more information. Email me at hello@therealcrew.com.

This post is for you if you want to hear more of the story about how we came to be together here and now: therealcrew.com/blog/tarahkeech.

We are YOUR CREW and we welcome you to join our (free) private Facebook community! This link will take you there: therealcrewgroup.com. Invite friends and colleagues who you think will enjoy this community - we’re all better together. If there's ever anything I can do to support or encourage you, please let me know.

With love, joy & gratitude,

Tarah Keech
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